THE QURAN AND SOUND WAVE(PHYSICS) In physics, it is believed that sound wave requires a medium(air) for propagation. sound is formed due to the refraction and contraction of air molecules. without the air, sound cant be produced. we can try the quran experiment, QURAN 21 VESRE 100 therein BREATHING OUT WITH DEEP SIGHS and roaring will be their portion, and therein THEY WILL HEAR NOT. this verse is talking about those who are to remain in the fire forever, we have heared that each one of them will be put in a seperate box. and from the verse, it shows that there is no air in that box as they will be BREATHING OUT WITH DEEP SIGHS AND ROARING due to lack of air. and this accounts for AND THEREIN THEY WILL HEAR NOT. this shows that sound cant be produced nor heared in a box that has no air, or even in a place without air. as absent of air causes BREATHING OUT WITH DEEP SIGHS AND ROARING. ALLAHU AKBAR! INDEED, THE QURAN IS THE BOOK OF WISDOM, THE BEST OF BOOKS. and ALLAH KNOWS BEST. ibrahim ibn mikah